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Oh boy, you're very first skincare routine! I remember my first routine like yesterday, 12 different products, took me an hour every night and I came out looking worst than having ever started a skincare routine. 

In today's market, there are more skincare products than ever before, some boasting intimidating scientific names like Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acids and Azelaic Acid. Well don't worry dude, we at PourHommies are here to guide you in this rewarding journey. 

So with that said, I will preface this all by saying I am not a certified Esthetician or Dermatologist, but a hommie who has gone through hell and back experimenting with my own skin in order to give you hommies a comprehensible introduction to skincare!

Morning Routine

Wait a minute, you're telling me that I have to separate my skincare routine based on the time of day? Yes....kinda.... since this is an introduction to a basic skincare routine there will only be one product you'll find different from your morning and night routine.


You've been told this since you were a child, wash your face in the morning! The process of cleansing your face will freshen you up and set a clean slate for the rest of the products. 

We recommend a gentle cleanser like MELYON Milk Cleanser in the morning, an affordable and luxurious cleanser to prepare you for the day. The soothing ingredients will cleanse your pores of all the oils accumulated while sleeping throughout the night.



Now that you've washed your face with your cleanser, you'll need some defense for your skin in the shape of a moisturizer. Moisturizers provide an additional barrier for your skin, preventing any drying out throughout the day. Moisturizers are a necessary part to a skincare routine even to those with oily skin and/or those who live in a more humid area. 

A moisturizer I've been utilizing lately has been Patrick's AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer. It is a rich moisturizing cream that quickly absorbs into my skin and provides an amazing Sandalwood scent.

For those who may have oilier skin and prefer a lighter moisturizer, I would recommend OM-SE's Balancing Face Oil. A premium face oil that is perfect for sensitive and fickle skin. 




Wait, you need sunscreen everyday?

That's right, the sun is what accelerates signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles or even hyperpigmentation. It's also our last step in our morning routine as we want to ensure the sunscreen is the last line of defense rather than being blocked by the moisturizer. 

I've been rocking the Anti-Pollution SPF45+, a really environmentally friendly sunscreen that not only protects you, but also prevents us from harming the ocean with our sunscreen.


Night-Time Routine

Ok homestretch and like I said previously, you can actually reuse your morning routine as a night routine, just take out the sunscreen. Below I'll give you an alternative night routine with some amazing products to use before heading to bed.


While I previously mentioned the MELYON Milk Cleanser for my morning cleanser, at night I want something that can dig deeper to wash away the grime I was exposed to throughout the day. For this job I enlist Patrick's Cell Regenerating Foaming Cleanser. Applying 2 pumps and then massaging onto my face every night, the Patrick's Cell Regenerating Foaming Cleanser has been an absolute game changer and leaves me feeling absolutely cleansed.



Here we go, The Exfoliator! This is a skincare product I recommend to be used twice to three times a week. It comes after cleansing your face and scrubs your face to eliminate dead skin, clean your pores and promote cell regeneration. 

An insane product that I cannot stop talking about is Patrick's Anti-Aging Face Scrub. Not only does it help eliminate dead skin cells and clean your pores, but it also reduces ingrown hairs and preps your skin for closer shaves. 


For night time moisturizers I prefer heavier textured products. Once again the morning routine's Patrick's AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer is actually a perfect choice at night, however, another product I've been gravitating towards comes from Sweden.

Balancing Face Oil and Renewing Face Oil from Swedish brand OM-SE, provides lush and hydrating moisturizing oils for my night-time skincare routine. They are rich and once again perfect for my sensitive skin.


Congratulations! Your first skincare routine!

You did it, you just made your first skincare routine! Its basic and simple, but sometimes simple is best. 

While my skincare routine has ever so slightly more products, I find myself continually returning to a simple skincare routine. 

If there are any concluding words I have for those starting your first skincare routine, it would include the following.

1)Listen to your skin, if the product you're using irritates your skin then maybe it's not meant for you.

2) Doing something is better than doing nothing! If you find yourself too lazy to complete your skincare routine, try to implement at least one part of it and it'll start becoming a habit.

3) Your skin is complex and it is paramount to understand that skincare is a form of self-care and self-love. You are worth more than a stupid pimple or a wrinkle on your face, so try not to let one blemish ruin your day. 

We know you can do it, just be patient and listen to your skin. We at PourHommies will always be there to help you if you have any questions on skincare like ingredients, the step, or what brands to use! 




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