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Don't screw it up AJ...the first PourHommies Post...a letter to condense and convey all the effort invested during these trepidatious times where like many of you, I ruminated on the future.  

I don't need to remind you of the past two years of strife and struggle. The world came to a stop and for the first time that I recall, a moment of silence swept the planet. It was during this undisturbed silence and reprieve we reflected.   

We picked up new hobbies, exercised more and connected with our loved ones as a chance to better ourselves. To summarize these actions, self-respect —  having confidence and satisfaction with oneself. Over these past couple years, I found myself continuing my skincare routine and applying fragrances despite not stepping outside my apartment, despite not having to show my face to anyone and despite not interacting with anybody (it was a pandemic!). My daily ritual of applying these unassuming products has been my way of meditation and expressing self-respect. I indulged in these products as an outlet for self-care and assisting my journey of continued confidence and betterment of myself. 

Similarly, it was at this time in the market where hundreds of forums and texts were inundated with men interested in cosmetics as a remedy for self-care and as a channel for enhancing themselves. Unfortunately, I found a void of industry leaders in the men's cosmetics space opposite to the juggernauts in cosmetic retailers, influencers and mediums curated for women.

A shift in the market occurred in the past decade where men realized, "Hey! I want to look and smell good too!" and we recognized how insidious the role and impact of toxic masculinity influencing our confidence and well-being was. 

Introducing PourHommies.

PourHommies is a materialization of self-respect. A modern interpretation on a cosmetics retailer, through the perspective of a hommie introducing hommies to self-care as premium skincare, grooming and fragrances. 

PourHommies is a celebration of self-respect and a safe space for men to explore and embrace self-care. At PourHommies, we'll be learning with you in this burgeoning environment of men's cosmetics, we hope you're as excited as we are. 

I look forward to being a part of your self-care journey whether you're new to cosmetics or looking to participate in a transforming market. 

— AJ, Founder of PourHommies



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